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     The port is located on the left bank of the Dnieper-Bug estuary.

     The approuch of the vessels in port carries through the Dnieper-Bug-liman channel (BDLC). The distance from Ochakov to SSP Olvia - 37.6 miles.

     The navigation season lasts whole year.


Stevedoring company

     The unique enterprise  that conducts stevedoring operations at the seaport, it is  state enterprise “Stevedoring company “Olvia”. The territory of enterprise is classified as transport land providing  port service and constitutes 139.8 hectares. The depth and length of the mooring line - 1.53 kilometers (7 berths), it will be able to handle ships  with the depth up to 230 m, width  up to 32.5 m, deadweight up to 80 thousand tons.  The declared draft in the port which is limited by BDLC checkpoint depth - 10.3 m.

     For storage of goods there are provided about 185.1 thousand sq. m open and 24.7 thousand sq. m of covered storage areas (some of them - 19 thousand sq. m - long rear warehouses). The whole warehouse infrastructure is provided by road and rail access roads.

     Cargoes entire through the railway station "Zhovtnevaya" of Odesa railway.

     Passport processing capacity of the SE “Stevedoring company “Olvia” - 2570 thousand tons of dry cargo per year.


Production capacities

Loading/unloading  facilities

     Loading and unloading operations are carried out by  universal gantry cranes type Albatros, Albrecht, Sokol, Kondor, Siberian Crane, capacity from 10 to 40 tons, total - 22 units.

     On the front line of berths there are located - 14 gantry cranes, on the rear platforms - 8 gantry cranes.

Park of internal mechanization

     There are the following types of handling equipment:

- Mobile hydraulic excavator Terex Fuchs , cargo capacity -  20 tons;

- Forklift Toyota, Konecranes, Kalmar, Hyster, Komatsu, Maximal , capacity from 1.5 to 25 tons;

     Bucket loaders Chanling, Amkodor , capacity up to 5 tons;

- Bobcat loaders with carrying capacity of 0.5 tons;

- Shunting tractors, equipped with rail autucoupling devices;

- Terminal tractor Sisu, Terberg, Kalmar;

- Park of  roll-trailers.


Port Fleet

It provides mooring operations in the port. It incorporates the following sea tugs, with the relevant documents to the class of Shipping Register of Ukraine:

  • "Ruslan" - capacity - 1200 hp.;
  • "The Knight" - capacity - 1200 hp.;
  • "Capitan Gisich" - capacity - 2310 hp.