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January 1966

Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk" was founded in 1965.

Construction of the port  on the left bank of the Dnieper-Bug estuary began in April 1963 and continued to December 1965.

December 30, 1965 the State Commission facility was put into operation.

Feb. 14, 1966 Order of the Minister of the Navy in connection with the completion of construction, the Port  was organized   in the Bug estuary and subordinated Nicholaev port, but then it was called "Oktyabrsk".

The first head of the company - Ivan Usov.

Date of Birth: May 9, 1933.

He was born in Ukraine in the city - Rykov, Stalin Region (now - Yenakiyevo, Donetsk region).

Complete higher education: Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers MMF USSR, 1957

It has training on the operation of water transport, oil engineer.

Usov Ivan after the end of the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers of the Ministry of the Navy of the USSR in August 1957 a young specialist was sent to Nicholaev Commercial Sea Port and hired contractor work (superintendent) of the first transhipment area in November of the same year - transferred as variable port dispatcher .

On March 1, 1963 till September 1965 he worked as head of the transhipment station number 2.

September 10, 1965 - appointed  as Deputy Chief Nicholaev Commercial Sea Port - Chief of specialized area (after construction is the order of the Minister of the Navy of the USSR from February 14, 1966 port was organized by the  name  "Oktyabrsk").

Usov I.P. was a  director of Port station "Oktyabrsk" until August 1982.

10.08.1982 left the post of  transfer to the office "Soyuzzovneshtrans" in Nikolaev, where he worked until retirement age.

For labor achievements and services to the state Usov I.P. He awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and medals "For Labor Valor" and "For Labor".