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November 1992


The key date is the formation in 1965, when it was mastered south bucket with berths №1, №2, storage space and other facilities construction. Also this year, it sets the official status of the cargo area.

The next steps included the construction and development of the northern  bucket with berthing facilities.

An interesting fact is the adoption of technical solutions to the construction of berthing capacity is not long, and the development of  cluster of four berths in two lines - the line of berths №3, №4 and the line of berths №5, №6.

During the deepening  works of the waters and reclaimed the land surface was formed North Spit, which had strategic importance for further development of the port


When the port was on a constant level of production capacity, considered options for disconnecting from Nicholaev ICC and the formal establishment of another port in the Dnieper-Bug basin. The official document is an Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 20.11.1992 year №755 on the basis Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk" at the port station "Oktyabrsk".

To date, the enterprise successfully operates as an independent business entity.


The next key date is a significant change in the legislation and the entry into force of the Law of Ukraine "On sea ports of Ukraine".

According to the decision to reform the maritime industry was reorganized and was allocated to a branch of "Oktyabrsk" SE "Sea Port Administration of Ukraine".