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Сollective agreement

The collective agreement of State Enterprise "SC "OLVIA" approved by the Conference of employees in February 5, 2018.

It concluded between the trade union committee on behalf of the staff and administration in the person by the director of the enterprise.

The collective agreement guarantees the protection of rights and interests of employees under the current legislation and obligations of the administration under this agreement. It regulates production and labor relations, wage issues are resolved and social guarantees, with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The main sections of the collective agreement includes the following:

I. General Clauses.

II. Regulation and remuneration.

III. Productive employment and Associated Measures to protect workers

IV. Mode of work and rest.


VI. Social guarantees, benefits and compensation.

VII. Guarantees of trade union organization.

VIII. Final Clauses.

The Administration of enterprise recognizes the union preference to represent all employees to protect of their rights and legitimate interests.