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Commission on labor disputes
Commission on labor disputes


On labor dispute committee of the labor collective of the state enterprise "Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk"

1. The Commission on labor disputes of the labor collective of the state enterprise "Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk" (hereinafter - the Commission) is elected for a five (5) years by the general meeting of the staff (conference) of the State Enterprise" Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk" (hereinafter - the State Enterprise "SSP "Oktyabrsk"). The number of employees of the State Enterprise "SSP "Oktyabrsk" in the Commission should be at least half of its members.

The Commission shall elect from its members a chairman, deputy chairman and secretary of the commission.

2. Competence of the Commission:

The Commission is the primary compulsory organ on labor disputes at the state enterprise "Specialized sea port "Oktyabrsk".

A labor dispute shall be considered by the Commission if the employee alone or with the participation of trade union organizations representing his interests, to settle any disagreements through direct negotiations with the management of the State Enterprise "SSP "Oktyabrsk".

An employee would contact to the Commission within three months from the day when he knew or should have known about the violation of his rights and in disputes about the payment of wages due to him - but not limited to any period.

In case for good reasons within a fixed time period, commission can restore it.

Statement by the employee must be register, which was received by the Commission.

The Commission shall consider the labor dispute within ten days from the date of application. Disputes should be considered in the presence of the employee who submitted the application. Consideration of the dispute in the absence of the employee is allowed only on its written request. At the request of an employee in a dispute on its behalf may be a representative of the trade union or other person chosen by the worker, including a lawyer.

The Commission has the right to call the witnesses to a meeting, entrust professionals with the implementation of technical, accounting and other checks.

The sitting of the Committee is regarded as legal if it is attended by not less than two thirds of its elected members.

Employee and management of SSP "Oktyabrsk" have the right to request the motivated recusal of any member of the Commission.

The question of withdrawal is decided by a majority vote of members present at the meeting. Member of the Commission, which is challenged, he is not involved in the decision on the challenge.

At the meeting, the Commission is carried out a protocol signed by the chairman or his deputy and the secretary.

3. The procedure for the adoption of Commission decisions.

The Commission shall take decision by a majority of votes of members who present at the meeting.

The decision shall include: the full name of the enterprise, surname, first name and patronymic of the employee, addressed to the Commission, or his representative, date of application to the commission and the date of the dispute, the substance of the dispute, the names of the committee members, the head of the enterprise or the person who replaces him, voting results and the reasoned decision of the commission.

Copies of the Commission's decision within three days are given to the employee, the management of SE "SSP "Oktyabrsk".

4. The term of implementation of the decision of the Commission:

The Commission's decision shall be executed within three days after the expiration of ten days provided for in its appeal.

In the case of non-decision of the commission on labor disputes within the prescribed period, the Commission issued a certificate to the employee having the force of a writ of execution.

The certificate specifies the name of body which made the decision of the Labor Court, the date of adoption and the issue and solutions number, surname, first name and address of the creditor, the name and the debtor's address, the number of his bank accounts, a decision on the merits of the case, the term of their identity to the execution. The certificate shall be signed by the chairman or deputy chairman of the Commission.

On the basis of the certificate filed by no later than three months in the state executive service department, State Executive fulfills the Commission's decision under compulsion.