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The main factor of economic growth indicators of effective work of the enterprise is the availability of human resources which is capable professionally to solve the production problems in front of them. The main task of training managers and specialists: to ensure rapid implementation of new scientific, technical, organizational and economic ideas in the practice of the enterprise.

The need for training and skills development of personnel in the company is almost a continuous process.

In 2019 306 employees of Еnterprise increased qualifications. These are management staff, specialists in various fields and skilled workers, including accountants, lawyers, IT specialists, junior medical specialists of the health care center, employees of the command and privates of the naval tugs (port), specialists of the chief energy service and the base of road and inland transport, and others.

Educational services were provided by SE “Training Center” PJSC “Mykolayiv Expert and Technical Center”, LLC “Transport Training Center for Advanced Training and Professional Competence”, Mykolayiv Basic Medical College, LLC “Nebezpechvantazhtrans”, LLC “Quality Development Center”, LLC “Tender Agency procedures ", Training Center MUK (LLC" IT Distribution "), LLC" Training and Consulting Center "Procurement", Transport Training and Methodological Center, LLC "Mykolayiv Training Center", LLC "Ukrainian Economic Studio", Odessa National Maritime University, Training and course complex Branch training center for sea and river transport, LLC "Business education solutions" and other educational institutions.