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SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk" may be renamed
SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk" may be renamed
18 January 2016

     January 18, 2016 Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Yemelyan signed a separate order №31 / 15 / 11-16 from 01.15.2016 year to provide information on the implementation of the requirements of Law of Ukraine "On the condemnation of the Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and prohibition of propaganda symbols "and rename (if any) of a number of SEs, institutions and organizations, as well as infrastructure facilities located on the territory of enterprises, institutions and organizations belonging to the sphere of management of the names of which contain the symbols of the communist and / or the National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian modes, as well as the names are not made in an official language. In addition, the document provides guidance on the renaming of objects that are derived from the geographical coordinates, but in fact they do not comply and is a vestige of the Soviet Union on the territory of Ukraine. The document, among other things, provides for:

• providing full information on the results of the above-mentioned of Ukrainian Law  until January 29, 2016;

• Implementation of the dismantling of symbols and memorials of the communist totalitarian regime - up to 29 February 2016;

• Renaming items - up to 29 April 2016. The list of companies that need renaming, became the name of the State Enterprise "Specialized sea port"

     Oktyabrsk ". Control of execution of the order, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Yemelyan put on him.

Press service of the State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyabrsk"

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