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22 October 2015

The State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyabrsk" began preparation for the fiftieth anniversary, February 14, 2015. The festivities on the occasion of port's foundation "Oktyabrsk" will be held on Friday, February 12.
Order to prepare for the 50th anniversary of the port's foundation "Oktyabrsk", which was signed by the director of the State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyabrsk " in October 15, 2015, provides for a series of events, which is planned to involve all of the structural divisions of the enterprise. In addition, heads of structural units proposed to submit their own proposals for the celebration.
- For us it is a very important date - the director of the State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyarsk "Alexander Basyuk. - February 14, 1966, by Order of the Minister of the Navy, in connection with the completion of construction, it was organized by the Port item in the Bug estuary and subordinated Nicholas port, at the same time it was given the name of "Oktyabrsk". This is the beginning of our company, which then and now it is a strategic state facilities.

20. 11. 1992 By the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the basis of port station "Oktyabrsk" it was created an independent state-owned enterprise "Specialized sea port" Oktyabrsk".

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