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14 October 2015

October 13, Thematic meeting on theme "The Day of the transparency of the Ministry" was held with the participation of the Minister of Infrastructure, First Deputy Minister, Deputy Minister, chief of staff and heads of departments of the Ministry and the central executive authorities and enterprises belonging to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine .Collection supervised Vladimir Shulmeystera.


Agenda meant four positions: issues of functioning of public procurement ProZZoro, transparency feed information SEs, the index of transparency of state enterprises, as well as an external financial audit.
The meeting was marked by a positive trend in the designated positions in the SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk ". In particular, while using public procurement ProZZoro, savings comprised about 900 thousand UAH. The total cost optimization due to ProZZoro Ministry amounted to about 30 million UAH.
On the effectiveness of ProZZoro SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk "at the moment is on the fourth position among the enterprises in the sphere of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

According to the degree of transparency and openness of the enterprise, including - supply of information and the availability of publicly available data, the SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk "is in second place, behind the SE" ASD ".

From the SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk" in a thematic meeting there were attended by Director of Port Alexander Basyuk and Deputy Director for Economics and Finance Ruslan Oleynik.
Press service of the State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyabrsk"

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