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Results of the third competition of the traditional skills of employees of SE
Results of the third competition of the traditional skills of employees of SE
20 August 2015

On August 19, the State Enterprise "SSP" Octyabrsk ", the third traditional annual contest of professional skills.

Competitors battled for supremacy in three categories:
1) mechanic (dockers) (flat lad), crane operators;
2) machinic (dockers) (forklift drivers);
3) train drivers of road vehicles.
The commission of judges, headed by the Deputy Director for Operations Yakimenko D.V, director of SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk "Basyuk A.G and Chairman of the Trades Committee Kaloshin A.B.

As a result, the competition in the first category the leader was Vladislav Slivinsky, Brigadier of Brigade 11, second place was Brigadier of 13 teams - Constantine Buch, and the third - Roman Mayorov, Brigadier of Brigade №6.
In the second category championship Alexey Melnichenko won (Brigade №20), second place - Yuri Safarov (brigada№3) and took an honorable third Sergey Boyko (Brigade №17)
In the latter category DTM machinists (BAVT) were fighting for the championship. Nikolai Slivinsky won. In second place Arthur Belopol'skii, and third place was Peter Afanasova. All the winners received cash awards.
For the will to win Tatiana Sestak was awarded another prize crane operator, gantry crane operator. She has received from the trade committee in the port as a reward for the skill, professionalism and dedication in the work ,her prize was TV.


The ceremonial presentation of gifts will be held on August 25. Congratulations to the best employees of our port!

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