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05 October 2015

Youth organization of SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk "in the volunteer quest" Mission "took part in the organization of brain-ring for Octyabrsk and Korabelov districts.

Contest of young intellectuals consisted of two rounds, during which the boys had to answer questions from various categories such as: history, sports, logic, world records and photographic art.

The main objective of the project "Mission Possible" is the involvement of youth in an active student volunteer activities aimed at improving life in the Nikolayev region. Quest consists of several missions, in the implementation of which will determine the finalists. A project began at the end of May 2015. The first mission was our competition to overcome a series of obstacles in a wooded area.
In accordance with the results of the spring competition, each team received for summer two tasks. Brain Ring was the fourth mission on the way to a victorious end. Guys expect two more phases, which include self-fulfillment of the tasks of the organizers.

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