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26 August 2015

Youth organization SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk "in conjunction with the Youth Council of NAR won in the grant competition with the project" Yard childhood dream, "which last spring announced the company RUSAL. Competition, among other things, meant to choose the most attractive development project in the courtyards of apartment blocks in Nikolaev.

Works "youths" together with the residents of nearby households started late last spring. In the area between the houses on the street Artem 40-b and 40-v there was produced in the dismantling of obsolete equipment and prepared for the installation of children's playground complex, sports horizontal bars.

Through the efforts of the administration of Korabelnij area in the courtyard new asphalt was laid there. The final stage of reconstruction has been painting bright "cartoon" image, residents of the houses helped for youth organizations. Last week, a new children's complex was opened for all who wish to visit it.

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