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First anniversary of BAVT - results and achievements
First anniversary of BAVT - results and achievements
12 August 2015

A year ago, August 12, 2014, at the SE SSP "Oktyabrsk" was created a new unit - BAVT. What changes have occurred in this time and whether the positive dynamics - all this says Andrei Silin, head of road base and Port transport.

- Today is not just the day of our birth, but the so-called reference point, from the height of which can already analyze the results of the work. A positive trend actually observed, - says Andrey. - The first steps have been linked, literally, to restore order. When we arrived, repair unit was the dump, which had to be clear. It was structured documentation, improved system safety. So we have created for ourselves such a work plane, where it will be comfortable to work.
And last year the port had good profit, which helped update the auto park. There were purchased new Bobcat loaders and CHANGLIN.
What particularly pleases me - the attitude of employees to their work. People began to understand the importance of the contribution of each. There is neatness and order, decent sanitary condition of buses. There are only planned repairs for the most part, emergency repairs are practically absent. Some employees marked not only the premium but additional rewards.
Remind, BAVT - structural unit (base and Port of road transport) - the result of a merger Automobile Car / Bus Transport and GIM (garage inside mechanization), it happened last year. This reorganization of transport department was part of the overall development plan of SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk " till 2038, realization of which is already giving tangible results to improve enterprise.
Press service of State Enterprise "SSP" Oktyabrsk "

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