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Hands off our labor corns team builder
Hands off our labor corns team builder
07 August 2015

For more than one and a half years, the situation in Ukraine remains very tense. Moreover, everyone knows that only depends on us speed the onset of the long-awaited peace and prosperity. It's simple: the more united we will be, the more successful will achieve our state. Solidarity, mutual support and good quality work - these are the commandments, which should adhere to every port workers.
But what happens now? Let's just say, some individuals may have worked in the SE "SSP" Oktyabrsk ", persist in trying to break the absurd provocations coordination team. And most importantly, the response to these efforts, as far as I personally understand it, of the team is very negative.
Normal people understand that anyone who is trying to break our united people, and anyone who tries to divide our united team, to smear one world. Because it's just so they say that all the problems come from the top, in fact, each is responsible for the overall success.
The foundation of the growth of the efficiency of our company, and of the entire industry as a whole is unity. I'm actually in the port for more than 25 years and I understand that SSP "Oktyabrsk" - truly one of the most promising companies. And the reason for that is that now everyone a good job. Management - manages, upgrades; dockers - operative engaged in loading and so on.
We, as trade union - also carry out our own. Only some individuals, whether at will, whether on someone's trying to make the prompts confusion. Where else the company has the ability to improve over the season to 300 people, plus - 88 children and grandchildren of employees? We regularly help our soldiers involved in the ATO, and their families. In the first wave of mobilization, we not only provide them with ammunition and personal protective equipment, and even nutrition. We offer spa treatment port workers, which is required for medical reasons. We even treat those diagnosed oncology.
And about work - 2015 was a record year in terms of handling the last 5 years! Maybe it says everything about the ineffectiveness of our work?
Wages have one of the highest in the industry. Doesn't somebody like? But only those who have not seen, in fact is hard, or those who have a direct order to discredit our port.
There is no dispute that in such indicators must be addressed. Of course, you can do nothing, nowhere to grow. In this case, we can hold a couple of years, and then just become bankrupt. Where then will be these seven hundred people, which are now provided of everything? Disgruntled apparently do not realize that in today's life just very hard work, you can feel good and be confident in the stability of tomorrow.

Chairman of Trade Union Committee
Kaloshin AB


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