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The Day of Friendship
The Day of Friendship
12 June 2016

For children of employees of the enterprises “Oktyabrsk”, “Nika-Tera” and the company “RUSAL” was arranged the great “Pirate quest”. The event was timed to the International day of Friendship and organized by the youth organization of the mentioned companies.

The game was exciting and vibrant. All children were divided inti 3 teams and leading-pirate gave tasks on behalf of captain Jack Sparrow’s hidden treasure.

The mission was not easy, as participants had to pass various competitions with, puzzles and brainteasers . Despite its recent introduction, the children became friends and together took part in the quest.

After collecting and comparing of all parts of the pirate cards, the children got sweet presents from the main pirate. It was a gorgeous ice-cream.

Of course no one was left without gifts. For the 1st place team members received a certificate for “Sky Park”, 2nd place –tickets for the cinema, 3rd place- cheering prizes.

Special thanks to the trade Union of the Enterprise “Oktyabrsk” for their help and support in hosting this exciting and funny event.

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