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The decline in cargo handling sea ports of Ukraine
The decline in cargo handling sea ports of Ukraine
10 June 2016

According to the press of the Administration seaports of Ukraine in January-May 2016, the material hadling in seaport amounted to 53 million 447 thousand tons, which is 11,4 % lower than in 2015. The turnover of export cargo at seaport amounted to 41 mln 140 tt (the equivalent figures for the previous year), import-7 mln 32 tt (a decrease of 13.4 % compared to the same indicators 2015). Transshipment of transit cargo amounted to 4 mln 395 tt (51,1 % from 2015), an internal message-873 tt. Recycling of containers in sea port during the reporting period increased be 20% and amounted to 247066 TEU. State port operators processed 16 mln 526 tt (31 % of total). Other port operators (mostly private ownership) on all piers were processed 36 mln 921 tt (69 % of total).

Despite the trend for a decline in cargo handling in the sea ports of Ukraine (over than 5 months - 6.9 mln tons), the SE “Oktyabrsk” does every effort for the stable operation of enterprise: the current volume of freight traffic of ferrous metals and mineral building materials, trying to attract import cargo.

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