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interaction with youth
interaction with youth

The regulations on interaction with the young workers of State Enterprise "Stevedoring company "Olvia"

1. Young workers of Enterprise "SC "Olvia"- people between 18 and 35 years working in the SE "SC "Olvia".

2. Interaction with the young employees of SE "SC "Olvia":

2.1. The employer undertakes to:

2.1.1. Make efforts to respect and empowerment rights of youth guarantees of social and economic protection, professional development and decent wages.

2.1.2. If necessary, organize training, internship and exchange of experience of young professionals in the specialized educational institutions and similar facilities, as well as abroad in order to maintain the global level of education of national specialists.

2.1.3. Create conditions for the training of young workers at the workplace, implement workflow coaching with the assistance of highly qualified cadres.

2.2. The trade union committee shall:

2.2.1. Carry out public control over the employment of young people, creating the conditions for adaptation in the workforce, training and professional skills, for satisfaction of cultural, educational and recreational needs.

2.2.2. Carry out the training of youth trade union activists in areas of trade union activity. Together with the employer to hold forums, conferences and seminars on topical issues of the youth movement.

2.2.3. Attract young employees to engage in activities aimed at the consolidation and their satisfaction with social, cultural and other needs.

3. Young workers of Enterprise "SC "Olvia" are entitled, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "On youth and children's organizations , "On the promotion of the social and development of young people", other acts of the current legislation to create voluntary associations to implement and protection of their rights and freedoms, the economic, social, cultural, scientific and technical and other interests, for creative and spiritual development. Such voluntary youth groups can be created as a part of the trade union of the enterprise and beyond. The activities of such associations are regulated by the relevant regulations that the follow up to them.