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Enterprise services

SE "SC "Olvia" accepts and handles loads under the rules of service in the ports of Ukraine, approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine of 05.06.2013 №348. Cargo operations are carried out on the principle of optimal allocation of resources for processing vehicles and cars under RTC.
The main services provided by the company include:

  • load cargoes;
  • unloading cargo;
  • stripping the holds of ships, wagons after unloading;
  • movement of goods;
  • technological accumulation of goods, warehousing of goods;
  • fasteners, special shoring of goods;
  • stowage;
  • weighing;
  • labeling (remarking);
  • sorting (sorting);
  • pouring;
  • weighing of;
  • packaging, repacking;
  • bringing cargo to transportable state;
  • coordination (tying up);
  • subgrouping for the formation of the ship party brought at different times of goods by countries of destination and ports, as well as separate bill of loading;
  • transport equipment;
  • collection (sorting out) of the special devices when loading (unloading) from the railway platforms of equipment and facilities of transportation;
  • measurement of goods;
  • enlargement of freight places by packaging;
  • processing of transport (transportation) documents is after the request of the customer;
  • other products and services accompany with the acceptance and processing of loads.