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Interaction with trade unions
Interaction with trade unions

One of the main tasks of the port management sees the work in providing social prerequisites for a successful and productive work.
The port has all conditions for a comfortable and safe stay in the territory of the port workers, rest and recreation in the holiday period.
Each unit is equipped with household facilities with changing rooms and showers, and lounges.
On the territory of the port work canteen and two snack bars that provide port workers with hot meals.
Qualified health care professionals always give the port aid station.
Much attention is paid to physical development of the team: there are various sports clubs, competitions in various sports within the port and with the teams of other companies in the region.
During the summer health-improving period, workers of the port and their families rest in sanatoriums, recreation on the Black Sea. Children improve their health in the children's health center in Skadovsk.
Veterans of port use the same benefits as the workers of the port. In order to solve any problems they have created Veterans Council.