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Quality management system
Quality management system

POLICY of SE "SC "Olvia" in the field of QUALITY

The State Enterprise "Stevedore Company "Olvia" belongs to the sphere of the Ministry of Infrastructure Management of Ukraine, it had been created for the purpose of organizing and transshipment from one mode of transport to the other, maintenance, passengers and cargo, carriage of goods and passengers on ships belonging to the enterprise, as well as profit.

The quality policy is an important component of the overall policy of the enterprise and it is aimed at:

• continuous and dynamic increase of economic efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise to improve the quality of the organization and implementation of loading and unloading, handling vehicles, goods and the provision of freight forwarding and other services related to the organization and to ensure transportation of export, import, transit, coastal and other cargoes and Enterprise’s services for the compliance with international quality standards companies.

• Ensuring the safety of navigation, parking and handling of ships in the waters of the Enterprise.

• Creating an enabling and safe working conditions at every workplace and fulfill the social and economic interests of the employees of the enterprise.

• Development of new traffic and introduction of new services.

• Creation and development of mutually beneficial relationships with customers and service providers, based on the long-term partnership.

Maximum customer satisfaction and business partners, attract new customers, increase economic efficiency, to ensure a positive business reputation of the enterprise and the protection of their own interests in the market of port services - is our priority.

Quality Policy is carried out in accordance with the principles of:

• the application of leadership, improve the quality of the planning and organization of work, continuous improvement of the effectiveness of processes, services and works to improve the means of technology, modernization of production;

• Ensuring the necessary financial, human and production resources;

• maintain the required level of qualified staff of enterprise, adequate assessment of its efforts and achievements;

• awareness of staff;

• clear division of responsibilities and powers of the staff in all areas, to ensure the participation of employees of enterprise in the implementation of policies in the field of quality and quality management system.

Senior management of SE "SC "Olvia" is the leader and guarantor of the implementation of the adopted quality policy, the state standard requirements of State Standard ISO 9001: 2009, ensuring continuous improvement of the quality management system of enterprise.

Adopted in the near term policy defines the main content of the activity of SE "SC "Olvia" and are conveyed to staff of enterprise and other stakeholders.