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    The development strategy of the State Enterprise "Stevedoring company "OLVIA" aims to achieve the main objectives, namely:

  • Increased bandwidth;
  • Renovation and expansion of the production capacity by attracting investors;
  • Diversification of the range of services (access to new internal and external markets);
  • Increased revenue and operating profit;
  • Ensuring the growth of jobs;
  • Provision of social and economic guarantees to workers.

     The Strategic Plan of the State Enterprise "SC "OLVIA" in the period up to 2038 approved by the Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine from 20.04.2015r. №146.

     Strategic Plan developed by the company based on best European experience in managing sea ports with the possibility of attracting investors and the use of public-private partnership.

     In the formation of the Strategic Plan were considered developed SE "ChernomorNiiproject" main directions of perspective development of the SE "SC "OLVIA", they consist of investment proposals aimed at expanding the port and increase its capacity.

Strategic development plan of SE "SC "OLVIA"